In Rome around 470, handwriting was on the wall. It read: "Some empires fade, but ours will crash to the ground. What comes up, always comes down. By the sword we've lived too long... So get ready for the fall."

A Jew woke to find the Nazi Party was gaining power. He knew in his heart, but wouldn't face the 11th hour. Couldn't admit how things had soured. Was more German than ‘stark bier braur.' Lost his family in the showers.

One day you will wake and all your freeways will be closed. You've saved, but your markets won't have anything to sell. There'll be nothing on the shelves. And the news will finally smell. "American Idol" won't seem so swell, cuz you've finally broke their spell.

They say, "All roads lead to Rome," but how many roads lead out? We go to the Stadium, wave flags and scream & shout... Like the outcome really counts. While our leaders have been caught. A new course will not be sought, cuz dissenting voices have sold out… And your Anchorman's been bought.

One day our corn fed boys will return home with their guns. That day they won't hunt Arabs, they'll turn their guns on you. Like Commander's tell them to. And those video games that you… used to feed them trained them to protect Caesar over you.

They say, "All roads lead to Rome," but how many will lead out? We vote 'til we see our ballots do not make the count. Plus both horses have been fixed… So he who wins will have no dick. And first glance may make you sick… to spot the hand above the skit.

What comes up always comes down. By the sword we've lived too long... So get ready for the fall.

© by Rahi High


The backstory

Rome came out whole in under 5 minutes before I ran outside to face a cold grey winter's day. I was playing a song of mine called Gone Tomorrow, and that morphed into Rome, because I hit the wrong chord. The rhythm of the melody line is exactly the same, and the melody itself isn't too different from Gone, but it sounds like a totally different song because of the different chords. The guitar rhythm, the driving eigth notes, came from my song "Clever" (found on the playlist). Most of my songs come out of my songs, but I'm happy that they always come out sounding different.

Several people have commented that "Rome" is Dylanesque. That's cool. I can definitely say that it's not inspired by Dylan cuz I only know a few of his songs... which I like. I know that he's famous for having a good vamp and rambling on for like 27 verses, dropping heavy words. That's the kinda song that "Rome" is. The verse and chorus are quite similar, so it's the story that draws you in - the first verse starting in ancient Rome, the 2nd in '30's Nazi Germany. I'm happy to have it in my cannon.